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September 2015
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This week we talk with founder and CEO Brian Gruber. Ken also takes another look at the battle brewing between Apple and NBC.
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This week host Ken Ray talks Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard with Apple Developer August Trometer – hacking the iPod with AriX – and iPhones and podcasting with Rob Walch.
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This week host Ken Ray talks online audio and video trends, life in Second Life, and the social networking maze with Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies.
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This week host Ken Ray talke with Savvion CEO about taking his professional racing team green. Then we revisit an interview from earlier in teh year with science fiction author and big thinker Vernor Vinge.
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This week, host Ken Ray talks with Tim Bajarin - President and Principal Analyst with Creative Strategies - about the incredible disappearing/reapperaing CEO, social networking, Apple, and how the kids of today will make the world unlivable for the old people we are going to be.
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This week host Ken Ray talks with Mac-head August Trometer about the special Apple event next week, the iPhone one month in, Music v. Cupertino, and more. Then Bennie McElhaney - owner of ProMac Computers in Oklahoma City - talks retailing Apple in the world of Apple Retail.
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This week host Ken Ray talks with Veronica Belmont - formerly of CNET - about her new venture, women in podcasting, and what she thinks of the iPhone. Plus Ken talks computers, viruses, and death threats.
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This week host Ken Ray talks with Shelly Brisbin - editor in chief of Blogger & Podcaster magazine - about the state of podcasting today, where it seems to be headed, and where the women podcasters are.
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This week host Ken Ray talks with Clint Wilder - co-author of The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity about the forces driving renewable energy.
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This week, host Ken Ray talks with Jessica Livingston - author of Founders at Work: Stories of Start-Ups Early Days.
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This week, as we head headlong into the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Tim Bajarin - President of Creative Strategies ( joins us to talk WWDC, iPhone, Apple TV, and the third act for Steve Jobs. Round Robin August Trometer also stops by to talk WWDC and offer and explanation for his vaporware.
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This week we discuss the business of digital music with Alan McGlade - president and CEO of MusicNet (
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This week is spent in celebration of Life, the Universe, and Everything Douglas Adams. Simon Jones - Arthur Dent from the BBC presentations of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - joins us to talk the books, radio series, TV show, movies, his other works, and Douglas Adams. Dont Panic! This is Technocracy Radio.
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This Week: Technology Deferred. Ken Ray and guest co-host August Trometer ask where are flying cars, virtual reality, space colonies, and cyber space. Plus Nat Bletter joins Ken to talk virtual reality, augmented reality, and liquor fueled rock.
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This week is all about music. Tim Westergren - fournder of Pandora - gives us an update on the movement to Save Net Radio - Rob Black discusses the business of music - and Michael Butler talks about his work with the Podsafe Music Network and his life as a Rock and Roll Geek.
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This week - host Ken Ray and guests Adam Christianson and Rob Black take a focused look at Apple from a products standpoint, a business standpoint, and address the question - Does Apple still need Steve Jobs?
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This week on Technocracy Radio, host Ken Ray talks with Tim Westergren – founder of Pandora ( – about the perilous future of Internet radio. Rob Black ( drops in to talk nanotechnology and Buck Rogers investing, and the space artist Rick Sternbach ( talks about his work in book covers, science, and the Star Trek universe.
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This Week's Technocracy Radio features discussion with August Trometer of Foggy Noggin Software ( - Rob Black ( on why companies chase the uncatchable - Author Vernor Vinge on his book Rainbows End and the coming technological singularity.
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